Things To Consider Before Buying A Used RV

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Purchasing a secondhand RV is not a simple decision, but it is a wise one because it spares you much more money. That is why they are such a terrific alternative for a variety of clientele. That isn’t to say that every secondhand RV you find through will be a good investment. Some aged rigs lack the required technologies for today’s market, and they may not be adequate to safety standards.


Some RVers prefer the concept of purchasing an aged or even used RV as they believe it was built better and would withstand better than modern ones, as well as being less costly. People may also purchase them since they are unique to a certain manufacturer year, and that they are willing to invest the money to rebuild or remodel them.

Things to Consider before buying a used RV:

Here are five guidelines for shopping for and purchasing an RV once you’ve decided on the proper model for your needs. Be patient, but don’t be afraid to be choosy! It might take months or even years to win the jackpot, so be patient. Prepare to act quickly if you find an RV that fulfills your needs.

Set a budget:

When purchasing a used RV, cost is a major consideration. If you can afford it, granite countertops and bespoke fixtures are lovely, but if you’re on a budget, factory-installed will suffice. Another thing to think about is how often you plan to go camping. Most individuals can’t justify spending thousands of dollars on something they only use twice a year.


Consider your priorities and set a budget right away; this will help you concentrate your search.

Check in-person before buying:

It’s simple for dealers to conceal any flaws in an RV by not posting images of it online. As a result, it’s vital to have a personal tour of the RV before making any selections. The vendor should be pleased to meet this request, but if they don’t, you’re better off walking away. Any hesitation here should be a warning flag that something significant is amiss with the rig and they aren’t telling you about it.

Check for molds and water damage:

Mold typically signals there are leaks and other plumbing concerns, even if there are no visible symptoms of water leakage on the inner side of the RV. Open all the cupboards, inspect the walls, angles, bathroom caulking, and nooks and crannies possible to verify there isn’t any mold or evidence of leaking using a flashlight. If any closets feel warm, there’s a chance mold is forming.

Try shopping from local shop:

When buying a used RV, one of the most critical stages is to choose a reliable dealership that you can trust to purchase your RV from. You can check your local area. Such as in TX, you can check Arlington New RV Sales. Check out the service department first. Check to see whether they have trained technicians on staff in case you have any issues with your RV later on. You’ll want to be sure you can trust them to repair your RV if something goes wrong.


Check to see if the service department and bays are clean and well-organized. When having your RV serviced, you want to know that it will be in excellent hands and treated properly. Finally, but certainly not least, look into their web reputation.

Check air-conditioning, plumbing and gas:

Inspect the interior of the unit for leaks from the roof gasket and that the filter is in good working order, as well as the rooftop area for dirt and damage, as well as the wiring, electric connections, and fan.


Run the air conditioner for approximately a quarter hour and check the temperature inside, which should be 18-22 degrees Fahrenheit colder than outdoors. Check that the exhaust vent fans are working and that the insect screens are intact.


Even though an RV’s LP Gas system must be examined and certified before it can be sold, it’s a good idea to check it yourself. Make that the propane cylinders, rubber hoses, regulator, and tank switchover valves are all less than 10 years old.

Final thoughts:

Finally, it’s critical to maintain patience during the entire procedure. It may be daunting at times, and it may appear that the perfect RV will never appear. However, it is critical to exercise patience and conduct study. Purchasing an RV is a life-changing experience. And after you’ve found a fantastic RV that suits your lifestyle and family’s demands, the time you spent looking for it will be well worth it.

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