Things to Considered Before Buying a Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floor is the most beautiful floor and it gives a great look to your floor. It enhances the beauty and decor of your home. Although the installation of the hardwood floor is not easy and it requires a large amount of budget as compared to types of floor.

The shine of the hardwood floor is lost due to improper cleaning. Hardwood floor needs more cleaning attention as they are more prone to damage. They are not moisture friendly and small amount of water can easily penetrate into it.

There are a lot of vacuum cleaners available in the market for hardwood floors. Some of them specially designed for hardwood floors. But before purchasing a vacuum cleaner for your beautiful hardwood floor, you should keep the following things into your mind.

  1. Types Of Vacuum Cleaner

There are different types of vacuum cleaner in the market and each type of vacuum cleaner have their advantages and disadvantage.

  1. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The robot vacuum comes with the latest technologies. They reduce the workload by automatic cleaning and thus saves a lot of time. Their cleaning power is more as compared to traditional vacuums. So the robot vacuum is one of the best choices for the hardwood floor cleaning.

  1. Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Some upright vacuum cleaners have floor sense technology that works very well on the hardwood floors. It can easily adjust brush roll on different types of the floor. Thus it cleans the hardwood floor by adjusting its brush and the suction power to minimize the chance of scratches.

  1. Canister Vacuum Cleaner

A canister vacuum does a better job than an upright vacuum cleaner. It minimizes the dispersal of dust with on and off rolling brush which cleans the hardwood floor effectively.

  1. Corded and Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Most of the people choose a corded vacuum because of its price. They are much cheaper than the battery-operated vacuum cleaner. There is no limited time to operate this vacuum cleaner and have good suction power.

The cordless vacuum cleaner is more pricy than a corded vacuum cleaner. But it gives you more convenience than corded vacuums. They are a little bit heavier than corded models. You can choose the best stick cordless vacuums for hardwood floors.

Both types of vacuum cleaners effectively clean the hardwood floor. Corded vacuum can’t reach every corner of your home because it requires an electric plug to operate whereas cordless vacuums clear every corner of your home.

  1. Bagged or Bag less Vacuum Cleaner

A bagged vacuum cleaner has many advantages over the bag less vacuum cleaner. The bagged vacuum cleaner has a paper bag or fabric bag which holds dust and debris. This bag also acts as an air filter which traps larger dust particle and allows fresh air to pass on it.

There no such need of changing the bag in the bag less vacuum. The dust chamber is needed to empty frequently. But they are not beneficial to people who suffer from allergic reactions.

  1. Variable Suction Power

The suction power of the vacuum cleaner shows the power of the motor during the cleaning process. More the suction power, more powerful vacuum cleaner. But you need a vacuum cleaner with the variable suction power that adjusts on the floor according to it.

If you living in a larger area or a large apartment, you may need a vacuum cleaner with more suction power. A high suction power gives you high-quality cleaning.

  1. HEPA Filter

If you want to really buy a good vacuum cleaner for your beautiful hardwood floor then choose a vacuum cleaner that comes with HEPA filters. HEPA filter stands for a high-efficiency particulate air filter. The HEPA filter is extremely effective in tackling microscopic pollutants. So you feel good by looking clean hardwood floors. It also captures the finest particle and provides high indoor air quality. It is good for allergy and asthmatic patients.

  1. Noise

Certain vacuums generate too much noise which is caused extreme disturbance to everyone. A high level of noise also leads to hearing problems. So always choose a vacuum cleaner with a quieter sound level. An ideal vacuum cleaner generates the 45-70dB level of sounds which is considered to safest level.

A vacuum cleaner with more suction power also creates a loud noise. But some of the models come with powerful suction and not create a high level of noise.

  1. Maintenance

Each vacuum cleaner requires some basic amount of maintenance. A bag less model requires a lot of maintenance as compared to a bagged vacuum cleaner. You need to empty it frequently. On the other side, a bagged vacuum cleaner requires a bag for dust collection. The bagged vacuum cleaner is more hygienic than a bag less vacuum cleaner.

  1. Cost

Not every costly vacuum cleaner is best for your hardwood floor. There are various options for a vacuum cleaner in the budget range. So choose them according to your need. If you can want to clean a larger area then you may go for an expensive vacuum cleaner with more suction power.

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