Things to Look for When Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

A Vacuum cleaner is a must have for maintaining a safe and healthy indoor environment. You can’t stop dust, dirt or similar environmental pollutants from coming into your place but you surely can get them out in the best possible way. A Vacuum cleaner would help you suck out these safety hazards from your carpet and other floors, ensuring the health and safety of your family.

When it comes to buying a Vacuum cleaner, the job is way more difficult than you may think. That’s because you just have so many options in front of you. It’s only natural you find it hard to make a solid choice.

If you are looking to buy a Vacuum Cleaner and you don’t know which one to go for then don’t worry, the technomono have prepared this brief guide for you that’d help you make that decision and choose the best vacuum for long hairs.

Read below, the things to consider before buying a vacuum cleaner.

What kind of floor you’ll be dealing with

Type of floor that you have for your home would directly affect the kind of vacuum cleaner you buy. If you have carpet or rugged floor then we recommend you should go for an Upright Vacuum cleaner. These vacuum cleaner come with a floor nozzle and a motorized brush roll that work best on carpet or rugged surfaces.

If you have a hard, tiles or wooden floor then you should use a Canister Vacuum. It has specialized brushes that move easily underneath the furniture.

If you have a combination of both rugged and tiled floor then the buying choice would depend on your preference. You can buy any of the two in that case.

Upright Vs Canister Vacuum

As mentioned before, Upright Vacuum Cleaners are more suitable for carpeted or rugged floors, there is an additional benefit of having bag or bagless unit option with the vacuum. You can have either of the two.

When it comes to hard tiles floors, canister Vacuum are more suitable. They can perform difficult maneuvers under the sitting furniture which is quite hard for an Upright vacuum cleaner. Plus the motorized brushes are specially made to maintain the shine off the floor. It’s really just about your preference.

Bagged or Without a Bag Vacuum

With bagged units, you have little risk of getting affected by dust, dirt or allergies, but honestly, it is quite troublesome having to buy a new bag every time when it is full. So, in that case a bagless unit seems more preferable.

A bagless unit would save you the trouble of having to change the bag but the downside is, you’d have to empty the container by yourself. There is a high risk of getting affected by allergies. So, make sure to wear a mask before you try to empty the container.

As far as health safety is concerned, a bagged vacuum would be more preferable. If you want a more convenient solution then for the bagless unit vacuum. We’d recommend going for a tightly sealed, bagless Unit because it’s both safe and convenient. It’d help capture the allergens from the environment, keeping it nice and clean.

Filtration System Being Used in the Vacuum

HEPA filtration feature is the standard feature that you should look for when buying a vacuum. Make sure that the vacuum you are buying is tightly sealed and equipped with HEPA filter to prevent allergy and other problems.

The main advantage of a HEPA filter is that it also helps clean the air while cleaning the floor. So, good news for allergy and asthma sufferers. Without having a strongly sealed container or HEPA filter, the allergens would simply scatter in the air around you.

Your Noise Tolerance Level

When it comes to Noise generated by a vacuum, a general idea is the bigger and heavier duty the vacuum, the louder it would be. But that’s not always the case. There are bigger and powerful vacuum cleaners that come with an insulated motor which deeply reduces the noise.

But talking about the general concept, for your home you can buy any kind of vacuum cleaner that you want to as long as it is within your noise tolerance range. For offices, you’d want to buy the ones that have a quieter sound level.

Allergy Control

When using bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner, there is always the risk of allergens being superadded into the environment. This makes the air even more inhabitable then it was before cleaning.

Latest vacuum models come with technologies like HEPA iteration, Charcoal filtration and strongly sealed containers that help fight off these air pollutants.  A HEPA filter, filters the sucked air so the air coming out is clean and healthy.

A charcoal filter helps control undesirable odors. Keep this recommendation in mind, when buying a vacuum cleaner make sure that it has a HEPA filter with a strongly sealed container unit if you are a health conscious person.

Other Accessories and Features

Vacuum Cleaners can be used for more than just floors. You can use these for cleaning drapes, mattresses, and even blinds. In fact if there is dust and your vacuum cleaner can reach that surface, it’d be as good as new.

But when it comes to getting rid of the dirt from blinds and mattresses, you might need to use some accessories as add-ons to further ease the process. For example, some vacuum cleaners allow attachments for blinds or mattresses to be attached with them so that they can do the job easily.

So, the bottom line is, buy those vacuum cleaners that allow attachments and add-ons so that you have more options.

Final Words:       

There are quite literally hundreds of vacuum cleaner products available in the market which makes it extremely tough to select a particular one. But with the guide mentioned above it should become fairly easy to see what you should consider before buying a vacuum cleaner. If you have more question or queries, let us know in the comments section.

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