Tips For Commercial Heating And Air Conditioning Repair


When you regularly take adequate measures by facilitating regular HVAC maintenance, you can prolong the life span of your AC and heating system. As you know, air conditioners toil hard to ensure healthy airflow, maintaining a comfortable temperature, and keeping allergens at bay. After a certain interval, it will lose its efficiency. At this juncture, the services of a handyman can be very helpful. A professional who understands the ins and outs of the system can do the needful HVAC repair. Here are some useful tips that should help you keep the commercial heating costs manageable.

Pay attention

Paying attention to rattling, grinding, or buzzing sounds from your system is important. Any of these sounds indicate, your HVAC system is running into problems. Additionally, you must also keep an eye on issues like spotty heating, and cooling, improper airflow, problems with the thermostat, and finding puddles in and around the unit. The sooner you spot the hitch; you can call for help to minimize the damage.

Ensure the system is up-to-date

Many commercial organizations use HVAC systems that have become old. During this period, you have most likely introduced newer facilities. However, the HVAC system lacks the latest technology to ensure a smooth operation. As a result, the system becomes overburdened and unable to offer optimum service. If things are beyond repair, a replacement is the only option. Else, you should hire a professional for checking the system and repair it.

Go for an annual maintenance

Look for HVAC contractors that offer annual maintenance. They will make sure the heating and cooling systems are in the optimum condition. Simultaneously, they can also locate issues and make arrangements to repair it before the problem gets out of control. Generally, leaky ducts are notorious for aggravating such problems. It tends to waste hot air and pull in cold air into the system. Consequently, dust and dirt can wreak havoc in your organization.

Checking the air filters

The air filters require monthly cleaning. You should fix a particular date each month for cleaning it. For best results, ask the handyman to change the air filters every three months. As mentioned before, if you have annual maintenance, they should do this periodically.

Install the system at the proper place

The place where you keep the AC unit should be devoid of elements like dirt, cobwebs, grass, and junk. You should maintain at least two feet to let the system get ample room for breathing. By doing this, the AC will ensure the best airflow and make it more efficient. If you are unsure, whether the AC is sitting on the proper level, seek the services of a professional to do this.

Forget DIY call the professionals

As you might have already noticed, we keep telling about hiring a professional. The HVAC system and the repair works are best handled by professionals. For example, one of the key elements while repairing the heating system and AC is to check whether the air dampers and the heating/cooling valves are working accurately. If the dampers do not open and close in the right manner it will create a problem.

Similarly, a malfunctioning heating and cooling valve can become a massive headache. Not only will you end up receiving higher energy bills, but the overall environment will also become rather uncomfortable. Experts of the trade can take care of these jobs, and do whatever it takes to restore sanity. For more information, we suggest you visit and things should become clearer to you.

Check the fluid levels

If the AC does not have the appropriate fluids, it can put unnecessary strain on the unit. Needless to say, it will shorten the lifespan of the system. Here again, the role of a professional becomes pertinent. The expert technician will inspect the condensate drain, motor, refrigerant lines, and fan blades. Wherever necessary, the person will do the necessary repairs.

Upgrade the thermostats

Over the last few years, programmable thermostats have witnessed a massive improvement. What more, the new variants are inexpensive and capable of doing a better job than the older ones. The present-age thermostats not only maintain a specific temperature, but it also offers increased flexibility. It will help in conserving energy to a significant extent.

Emphasize on service contracts

It is indispensable to join hands with a repair company repairs and maintains your system regularly. The last thing you want to see is your HVAC system breaking down. Go for a service contract, with an experienced service company or a professional and ensure peace of mind.

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