Tips For Preventing And Addressing Mold

Mold is very frustrating for the homeowners as it can cause various health issues and property damage.Although, it is a good source for destroying the organic leaves and thus enriching the soil, at the same time it can cause very serious health issues for the people living in moldy areas.

So, mold removal is very important. Mold is a result of excess moisture, so, the best way to prevent mold is the moisture level control in your home.

Here are the most effective tips to prevent mold growth in your home.


  1. Identify the affected areas and correct them

You cannot make your home mold-proof, but you can make it mold-resistant.  Identify the problems areas. Is this basement flood? Is there any leak on the ceiling through? Check out the areas that are more susceptible to moisture.

It might cost you some money in up front; it will save your home from mold, and save your future costs if mold continues to grow unnoticed.

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  1. Dry out wet areas quickly

Mold grows in the areas that contain moisture. So eliminating moisture is very important to prevent mold. All seepage in your home due to heavy rainfall, or due to a leaky pipe should be dried completely.

If bedding, carpets can’t be fully dried, they should be removed. Don’t leave anything wet around your house. Do remember to dry walls and floors after a shower.


  1. Control moisture with the proper ventilation

With proper ventilation, the moisture level will be in control in your house, especially in high moisture areas like kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room, etc.  Thus it helps in preventing mold growth in your house.

Use dehumidifiers but make sure to periodically clean them so that they don’t produce moisture.


  1. Improve airflow in your home

Move furniture away from the walls and open the doors,which improve the air flow in the house and limit the growth of mold. Keep stable availability of fresh air in your house to keep the moisture level in control.


  1. Repair water leaks

Replace old and leakingpipes. The moisture travels much faster in the leaking pipes than just the visible signs. Even if you keep your house clean, there are still some places where can’t get to, and mold loves those places.


  1. Control Humidity

The humidity level of your home should be between 30 to 60 percent. You can also keep track of the humidity level with the moisture meter that you can buy online or purchase it from any local hardware shop.

In case you find the signs of increased humidity, dry those areas to control the growth of mold.


  1. Direct water away from your home

There may be a situation that water may collect in the crawlspace or basement areas of your home if the area around your home is not sufficiently sloped. So, make sure the water goes out of your home and does not collect in the basement area.


  1. Keep gutters and downspouts clear from debris

It is essential to keep the gutters and downspouts of your home clean from debris so that they drain out the water and direct it away from your home. In case of any blocking, they could overflow, and the excess water will gather on the roof or near the foundation of your house,thus, causes serious mold issues.


  1. Check plants for mold

Everybody love plants as they are beautiful and provides fresh air in your home. Andmold loves them too. The moist soil present in the plants is the perfect place for the growth of the mold. So, instead of removing these plants, use Taheebo tea in the water that you give to the plants.


There is no perfect solution for mold removal and mold prevention. Know your region and climatic conditions and choose what works best for you.


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