Top 5 must-have Smart Home Gadgets available today

The idea of the Smart Home is not so new as we thought it to be. During the generations, people have been dreaming about something special like magic or something that would make the regular and tedious chores easy and less costly.

Today, it is not a dream, for the progress of the technology and electronics gave the world new opportunities. So, some gadgets and devices allow the person to fully automate some chores, make the life more comfortable and save time. The Smart Home now is great technological progress, and here we give you the top 5 devices you can use to upgrade your Smart Home system. All of them you can purchase on the Black Friday great deal, for in this period the manufacturers and sellers give the great discounts on their products.

Here are the list best smart home gadgets for today:

  • Smart speakers;
  • Smart temperature regulations;
  • Smart security systems;
  • Smart home helpers;
  • Smart lightning.

Further, we will describe every device as thoroughly as it is necessary to make a total representation of each.

Smart Speakers

The Smart Speakers are the first in the list as the most wanted device on the Black Friday. It is a wireless voice command device that has an integrated virtual assistant. This device allows the distant activations of some functions of the Smart Home by using the voice command, mostly consisted of one or several so-called “hot” words.

Some Smart Speakers can work with wireless protocols like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so, they can not only play the audio files but also control some of the home automation devices as well as provide compatibility with quite some services and online platforms, including peer-to-peer connection and virtual assistant. With the help of a virtual assistant and the Smart Speakers, you can automate some processes in your house without leaving your armchair.

Smart temperature regulations

In this case, we speak about smart thermostats. The unique and very useful device, the great dealing on the Black Friday. This gadget is responsible for controlling the temperature at home. The device can influence the heating and cooling process in the house due to the individual inbuilt program.

The most important feature of these devices is their compatibility with the net and other internet devices such as smartphones so that the smart thermostat can regulate the temperature in the room according to the outside data taken from the internet.

The device also has different sensors according to which it can also control the air condition in the house. Smart thermostats are a high energy saving resource, for it won’t spend more power than it’s needed to warm or cool the room.

Smart security systems

The smart security system is a common name for the so-called Smart Locks – an electronic system that performs quite some functions of locking and unlocking the doors. The device works with a wireless protocol and uses a unique cryptographic key that controls the authorization process.

Most smart looks are used as an upgrade of the traditional mechanical lock. They perform an excellent resistance to those who try to unlock them without special permission of the owner. The main feature of such device is that in hos no need in the physical key, you can use a smartphone or a unique key fob to open the door.

If someone tries to break open the door, the device automatically blocks it and send an emergency call to the police station. You, as the owner, also receive a message about the hack attempt.

Smart home helpers

Smart home helper is a common name for the robotic devices designed to ease some domestic chores such as cleaning, window washing, and lawnmowing. The robotic vacuum cleaner becomes the most popular home helper, for it can replace the traditional vacuum cleaner and save the owner some time.

The robot vacuum cleaners are one of the most wanted devices, for they can do a tremendous domestic work autonomously without your participation. Some devices can vacuum the carpets and hardwood floors, some have mopping functions for light wet cleaning. The most popular robot vacuum brand is iRobot, its Roombas are the world leading robotic devices. The best iRobot deals have already appeared on the different web-pages.

Other smart home helpers work in the same way as the robotic vacuum cleaners. They move autonomously and navigate thank to the special sensors. They have a number of functions and can be controlled by the mobile App.

Smart lightning

Smart lightning means a smart bulb. This device is excellent not only for house automation but also for energy savings. The smart lighting will turn on or off the lights for you; it can also make an automatic light dimming to reduce electricity consumption.
The electric bulb can also control the color of the light, which will depend on the chosen bulb brand, such as Phillips or Sengled. The unique sensors allow detecting your motion and movements as well as surrounded illumination to perform the best quality of lightning.

You can control the smart bulb working through your smartphone due to the mobile app. Purchasing the smart bulb is the easiest way to achieve comfort in controlling everything about the illumination of the house.

The last words

The excellent sale season is near at hand. The devices we described above will be significantly priced off, so be ready to upgrade your house and make it smart. With the help of these gadgets, you can build your own smart ecosystem that will significantly save your time and energy bills.

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