Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Tile and Grout Cleaner

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Dirt and grime can build up quickly on the tiles. Hiring a professional cleaner is the best way to resolve this common issue.

How Dirty are Your Tiles?

Tiling is a popular way to design your house or apartment’s floor. They come in various shapes and sizes. Hundreds of colors and textures are also available on the market. Because of their diversity and ease of use, you can find tiles in almost every home nowadays.

The use of tiles is not limited to your floor only. A major advantage of tiles is they can repel water and other liquid substances. For this reason, the kitchen and bathrooms of most homes are made of tiles.

It is no surprise that tiles can get dirty very quickly.  To keep it clean, mopping them once a week is always a good idea. However, some dirt is tough to clean. Years of use will eventually discolor the tiles. No matter how much you scrub, they never get their original sheen back.

If you compare photos of the tiles when you brought them to how they are now, you will see the difference. You might also be surprised to find the tile’s edge has become almost brown with accumulated muck and grime. It is a disconcerting sight.

The Grout Problem

Grout is a mixture of water and cement. It is used to fill in the gaps between tiles. Without grout, the tiles will shift around and ruin the integrity of your floor. Unsurprisingly, grout can also become extremely dirty. They take on a grayish color which is unappealing to look at.

Grout cleaners are available at local stores, but they are a temporary and expensive solution. Since it is a porous material, dust can easily collect into it. A few weeks later, the grout will revert to its dirty state.

What Should You Do?

A dirty floor can be a very bad look for your home. Hiring a professional cleaner will be your best bet as the choice can deep clean your tiles. As a bonus, their services are not limited to only tiles.

These professionals offer a wide variety of cleaning services for other parts of your home. From windows to driveways, they have it all covered. They also offer package deals, so you can get a lot done around the house for a lot less. Here are some more reasons to hire a professional tile and grout cleaning service.

  1. Getting the Original Shine Back

Years of abuse will fade away the original shine of your tiles. If you do not get any professional help for cleaning for a long time, the tile’s color may outright change. On top of that, the grout will turn black and unappealing to look at.

Steam jets are a great way to get rid of all that dirt and restore your tiles. The cleaners will spray hot steam on your floors to force the dirt out. It is quite satisfying to see your tiles changing color in a matter of seconds.

  1. Making Your Tiles Last Longer

Many people end up buying a new load of tiles when they see how much the tiles have decayed over the years. Remodeling the floors of an entire house will no doubt be expensive. The bill can easily rack up to thousands of dollars.

A cheaper alternative is to hire a professional cleaner. Their deep cleaning method will take out the dirt from the hairline cracks. This will help extend your tiles’ lifetime and keep them going on for years.

  1. Killing Germs and Bacteria

Kitchen and bathroom floors are a haven for germs and bacteria. Some of them cannot even be cleaned using regular methods. Additionally, these are health hazards. The chemicals used by professional cleaners are much more effective against germs and bacteria.

Molds are a common problem for corner tiles because these are hard to clean places. They often get neglected during regular maintenance and fungi can build upon that area. A professional cleaning will solve all these issues easily.

  1. Eco-Friendly Safe Cleaning System

The regular cleaning supplies found at the local store are full of harmful chemicals. These are made of extremely concentrated ingredients, so they can pack a punch with a little quantity.

Tiles can be made up of different materials. They will not take kindly to a cocktail of corrosive chemicals. Professional cleaners have different cleaning materials depending on the composition of your tiles, so you can expect a corrosion-free experience. Additionally, their supplies are regulated by the government to ensure little to no environmental impact.

  1. Saving Money and Time

You may be tempted to buy some fancy cleaners from your local store. They are a temporary solution at best. You will end up buying a large number of them. But, it will be cheaper to have your tiles professionally cleaned. Once cleaned, your tiles will remain in pristine condition for quite a long time.

This method is a huge time saver as well. You do not have to worry about setting aside time each weekend to clean your floor. Let the professionals take care of everything while you enjoy your day off.

Other Services You Can Avail

Professional cleaners are not limited to tiles and grout only. They offer a wide variety of services for other parts of your home. Many providers include dry-cleaning for your couches, carpets, and even mattresses. Some will even take care of grimy windows and doors.

Package deals have become popular because they are a great money saver. All the services are bundled in one deal and a team of professionals will be at your doorstep whenever it is convenient for you.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your tiles is a must if you want to maintain the essence of your home. Professional tile and grout cleaning services are a great way to keep everything new. They will save money and time while you kick back and relax.

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