Top 8 Tips To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Mattress

Bed Bugs are small oval-shaped insects that feed on blood. Their bite leads to several health impacts like skin rashes and allergic symptoms. According to a survey, one out of five homes had a bed bug infestation last year. 

While getting rid of Bed Bugs isn’t easy, there are a few methods that you can try at your home which might help you to get the job done. However, before you get rid of them, it is important to know where they come from so let’s take a look. 

Where do bed bugs come from? 

Bed bugs, where do they come from? Many of you might have this question, and you’ll be surprised to know that you can find bed bugs in places where humans spend extended time. This means that hotel rooms, public transport and public spaces have more chances to attract bed bugs, and you should scrutinize them before you sit. You can also find Bed Bugs in used furniture or other infested areas around you. 

How to Prevent Bed Bugs?

If you want to prevent bed bugs and keep your property safe, following a few tips might help you do it. In most cases keeping your home clean does the job; however, when you follow these tips, the chances of prevention go up. Let’s take a look:

  • Wash your clothes and luggage after travelling.
  • Wash and change your bedsheets every week.
  • Always wash everything at the highest temperature since the heat can kill bed bugs. 
  • Use a Vaccum Cleaner in your house regularly.
  • Don’t store items under your bed.

How to get rid of bed bugs in your mattress?

Bed bugs are most active at night when we sleep, and if you start noticing red marks on your skin, it might be a sign that you have bed bugs on your property. These bed bug bites usually cause no pain in the first few days; however, when left untreated, these develop into itchy red marks on your body. 

Getting rid of bed bugs can ultimately be difficult, but these tips might help you remove bed bugs from the mattress.

  1. Wash Bug-Infested Clothes and Bedding

A bed bug infested mattress is something that you don’t want in your house, and hence it is better to get started with washing your bedding and bug infested clothes. It is recommended that you pick up all the clothing from your floor and your pillowcases and clean it by putting them in a washing machine using hot water. Heat can help you get rid of bed bugs in your mattress, so you can also use a dryer once you are done washing your clothes. 

  1. Seal the Mattress

Bed bugs can easily survive a year without food, and if you are planning to get rid of them, then sealing your mattress is something you should consider doing. Buy a new mattress and seal the infected mattress in a tight mattress protector that gives you a shield against bed bugs. 

  1. Make Use of Insecticides That are Safe for Your Mattress

Insecticides can help you to kill bed bugs on the spot. These insecticides are known to contain harmful chemicals, so you must do your research and leave the room for at least 30 mins to ensure that you don’t fall sick. 

Multiple brands sell bed bug sprays in the market, but most sprays only work until the solution hasn’t dried up. Once the spray is dry, the bed bugs which come near it aren’t affected. In addition to this, some insecticides are ineffective for eggs which means that spraying them would still allow the egg to hatch and bed bug to take birth. Hence doing proper research while you choose an insecticide becomes essential. 

  1. Steam Clean your Mattress 

When you want to steam your mattress, the ideal temperature to help you get rid of bed bugs is 120 degrees or higher. Many people usually don’t have a steamer with the same power in their home, and buying a new one costs more than hiring a pest management company. Hence this method would only do the job for a limited group of people. 

  1. Take Your Bed Frame Apart

Without separating your bed frames, your bed bug treatment will be incomplete because bed bugs can hide in the smallest areas. Several tools are available in the market to easily dismantle your bed frame. If you have a fixed bed, then search closely and make sure you check out every inch of your bed frame to see if you can spot any hiding places. 

  1. Clean the area 

Use a Vaccum Cleaner and a brush to clean the area infested with bed bugs to dislodge the eggs. When you are cleaning, make sure you cover every corner of your room to ensure no bed bugs remain. Carefully throw the vacuum bag outside your house until you get it disinfected.

  1. Call in the experts

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of doing so many tasks, calling in the experts is the best option. Pest control services can help you keep bed bugs off mattresses, and they are the only guys that can help you get rid of bed bugs completely from your property. While it may cost you some money to hire a pest control service, the result you get makes it worth the price. 

  1. Dispose of the Mattress

Instead of keeping your mattress protected for a year, you can dispose of the mattress and buy a new one from the market. A new mattress will ensure that you get better sleep and have peace of mind knowing there are no bed bugs.  


Bed bugs are a big problem because they bite humans and cause them discomfort. However, when you follow the tips mentioned above or take help from a pest control expert, getting rid of bed bugs gets easier. 


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