Undermountvs Drop In Sink

According to different kitchen interiors and different choice of people, there are many ways a kitchen sink can be installed.

Undermount, over mount or drop mount is one of the examples. Two of the most popular ones amongst them are the undermounted and the drop in sinks.

These are the forms that are used for the sinks that are supposed to sit over a countertop and not like the open edged ones.

Both of them have their own benefits and disadvantages in using. So, if you are deciding to buy one of these you might want to have some knowledge about both of them.

This discussion will probably provide you with a brief idea about this.

Undermount sinks are mainly the installation type that mainly focuses on maximizing the kitchen counter space.

This type of sinks are installed below the counter and the rim is not visible so you get a continuous kitchen counter space.

The main attachments that bellow the counter space that is not visible and it need distinct support to hold it in place.

Drop in sinks are the kind of sinks which are supposed to sit over the kitchen counter and is easier to install.

This type of sink sits in the top of the kitchen counters to and has a separate rim that you can distinguish easily.

It does not need too much equipment to install as the sink is supported by the rim itself.

Below is given some of the advantages and disadvantages of both the sink types so that you can compare between them and choose the correct one for your precious kitchen.


Undermount sinks


  1. The undermount sink is built inside the counter providing you maximum counter space that helps in the full usage of the counter space. You can use the counter space for various kinds of other uses like keeping and storing things etc.
  2. This helps in cleaning the counter to as well, as you can scrape away food residue direct into the sink with the sink. This way you will probably have lesser hassle for cleaning your counter space.
  3. It proved an elegant look to your kitchen. The rims of the sink are not visible so all you can see is the beautiful countertop pattern or texture. So, this way the precious and chosen counter material of yours can be flaunted to its full potential.
  4. As there are no visible rims there are no cracks or gap to catch dirt or food particles so it always provides a cleaner look. Also you don’t have to spend a lot of time scrubbing and cleaning the gaps of the sinks, thus saving a lot of valuable time and energy.


  1. Undermount sinks can be a bit higher in pricing compared to other sink types.
  2. It needs special attention in installing as separate additional parts are needed to support its weight that makes the installation process a bit tricky.
  3. Undermount sinks are not compatible with all kinds of kitchen counters.


Drop In Sinks


  1. Drop in mount sinks are easy to install as it is a separate sink that falls right inside the counter and the rims hold with the counter and supports its weight. If you are opting to install your sink by yourself then drop in sinks are most probably the best option for you.
  2. Drop in sinks has lesser pricing compared to other ones which help with the budget. If you want a sink that is not too much heavy on the pricing and you want a good functioning sink under your budget then you can go for a drop in sink.
  3. It can be used in most every material kitchen countertop making it a versatile one. There are a lot of hard and soft material counters and drop in sink is compatible with most of these materials, therefore, making it a safer option.
  4. It provides less damage to the countertop material as the installing process does not have that much activity that can damage the countertop so there is lesser worry about the counter damage.


  1. Drop in kitchen sinks can easily collect residue of food in the rims that is taught to clean and makes the overall sink look dirty.
  2. It provides less counter space than undermounted ones.
  3. Exact measurements have to be taken properly before installing or else poor measurements can lead to leaking problems.



Hopefully, these pros and cons about both kitchen sink types discussed in this article would probably help you gain somewhat knowledge about them thus helping you to pick the correct sink that is the most compatible with your budget, kitchen type, choice, and kitchen interior.

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