Understanding the Differences between Sandblasting & Water Blasting

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If the confusion has overtaken you as to what is sandblasting and water blasting then this article has got you covered. This confusion arises when an individual is on the verge of finalizing a project. Surface finishing is essential if you want to paint. This method achieves a great smooth surface countering all the rough elements. You want to maintain the integrity of the surface right so you have to make sure that you preserve the quality by choosing right surface finishing. There are these two common types of finishing which often confuses people in terms of usage. Water blasting and sandblasting are those two techniques which yields often the same results but they have their list of advantages. Choosing isn’t an easy task as it involves you to take care of several things. If you don’t want the furnish selection process to become a mess then all you need is to read this article fully. It will provide you with the best of guidance regarding sandblasting and water blasting. If you want to know what makes them so different then read the points mentioned below:

Water blasting

This Water Blasting method is often known as a power washing method. One can ideally catch by its name that water blasting is a method where one makes use of water pressure to clean surfaces. High water pressure is provided to the walls with debris through nozzles. This type of finishing is considered quite eco-friendly. Why so? As this technique does not make use of any chemicals do chemicals are not released which comes in contact. This method just makes use of water which means that there is no residue left behind. Only the water is left behind which evaporates sooner.


This technique makes use of silica sand through pressurized equipment for preparing the surface. This is largely used when one is dealing with surfaces like metal. Even sandblasting also has its type. There is wet sandblasting where vapor blasting is achieved. With wet sandblasting, one can be assured that there will be no dust clouds. Basically both the methods provide quite a fast way to clear away from the surfaces. Sandblasting is considered to shape things in less time if compared with water blasting.

 Using both Water Blasting and Sandblasting

There can be certain times when you have to cater to both types of blasting at the same time. Especially, in the case when you are preparing any metal surface. You would need to sandblast at that time to refine the dimensions and water blasting in order to clear away all the debris.

Differences and Similarities of Water Blasting and Sandblasting

To have a proper and detail understanding, you must know that both water blasting and sandblasting makes use of high-pressure stream in order to clear away the surface. These types of pressure are best for all sorts of surfaces. One needs to ensure even application of it.¬† But at the same time, they both have differences. Like water blasting is eco-friendly unlike sandblasting. Water blasting never makes use of chemicals thus doesn’t leave behind the residue. Whereas sandblasting is faster, ideal for metals but generates clouds of dust.

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