Does your house get too many molds? Do you find the corners of your house clogged with layers of dirt and cobwebs? Are you tired of removing stubborn dust which just keeps polluting the air? If you are now tired of using broomsticks and cleaners, it is now time that you purchase a vacuum cleaner for your living place & here we described a perfect vacuum cleaner buying guide only for you

Why? Well, that’s because a vacuum cleaner ensures that every dust particle is removed away from your environment permanently and you feel very satisfied. Some companies design vacuum cleaners which enable you to see the fine lines that separate every pattern within your carpets. However, just like any other electronic product on the market, vacuum cleaner comes in all types and sizes.

Nowadays, if you visit the market, you may find a wide variety of vacuum cleaners equipped with advanced functionality features and diverse functions. Therefore, you may have to make up your mind as to which may fit best for your need! Irrespective of the fact, whether you are wondering to clean the walls carpets or simply floors; today, we are going to help you identify which vacuum cleaner works for you.

Allow us to fill you up on some of the best machines for pet owners, allergy fighter, or hygiene fanatics of modern day’s society. Check out this ultimate guide on some of the best options present on the market.

How does a vacuum cleaner work?

To begin with, allow us to explain what the core components of a vacuum cleaner are. There are basically six elements which work coherently within a vacuum cleaner. These elements include the following:

  • An intake port
  • An exhaust port
  • An electric motor
  • A fan
  • A porous bag
  • A housing to fit in the rest.

The most common way to explain how a vacuum machine functions are by taking an example of the straw. While using a straw one may create a vacuum within the mouth and suck up any liquid within no time. How is it possible? Well, the sucking from the straw results in forming a negative air pressure and due to this pressure disposition, the liquid is automatically sucked through the straw and into the mouth of the person. The level of pressure within the straw ultimately drops compared to the surrounding pressure and as a result, the liquid tends to move into the vacuum.

The best example to which we can best relate is if you have watched the movie Aliens or Star Trek. In such movies, one may find that if a breach is found within the hull of the spacecraft, everything within tends to flow into space. The magic machine which we term as vacuum cleaner forms a small space environment within the machine resulting in forcing the debris into the porous bag located within the machine. This is the general description of how vacuum cleaner actually does work.

Let’s explain it a bit more technically for a better understanding of our readers. The cleaner contains an electric motor attached to a fast revolving fan. The motor spins the fan to suck the outside air in following the same exact principle as the exhaust in your bathroom or kitchen. When the electric current is passed through the motor, the fan revolves creating a vacuum within the pipe section. Due to the difference of pressure on the inside and outside, debris particles are sucked in and transferred to a porous bag attached to a filter.

The air sucked into the machine is not entirely the effect of the powered motor, but it also depends on the size of the vacuum pipe too. Greater the size of the pipe, the deeper the power of the vacuum pump will be. In addition, the air passed through the pipe is automatically expelled out from the exhaust port of the vacuum. The air is harmful so it is best advised not to inhale it.

Types of vacuum cleaner

Choosing the best type of vacuum cleaner for your need can become a cumbersome task. However, depending on what you wish to clean using the vacuum cleaner becomes a rather helpful choice. Whether you have a lot of rugs and carpets within your place or you have laminated, hardwood or tile floors, there is a different vacuum cleaner for each type already available within the market. While stick and handheld vacuum cleaners are best for lightweight tasks, a central machine may work best for heavy duty. For each individual need, there is a one always present within the market.

1.    Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Being one of the most powerful cleaning applications on the market, the upright vacuum cleaners fit into the top category. These machines are versatile, flexible and perfectly designed with the latest advanced functionalities to give you the best cleaning experience. These machines are basically designed for houses which contain carpets and rugs. They come with a rotating brush which ensures that every single dust particle is successfully removed from the surface which is to be cleaned.

To ensure the best environment for cleaning, these devices are designed to adjust to provide the best comfort level to individuals. Therefore, if you are wondering about back pains while vacuuming, you can put aside your worries with an upright vacuum cleaner. They come with manual and electronic controllers to adjust the height settings of the machine. Ultimately, fitting is for the best angle settings for an individual user.

Upright vacuum cleaners can be classified into two different categories:

One is single motor while the other is the dual motor vacuum cleaner. The difference between the two is based on the support for the brush. In single motor upright vacuum cleaners, a single powered motor handles the rotation of brushes and the power of the vacuum; however, in a dual motor upright vacuum cleaner, each component is driven separately (which is to say that the brush has a separate motor unit, while the vacuum machine has a separate unit)

In both cases, the cleaning experience is par excellent just that the accuracy of a dual motor is yet, better as compared to single motor upright vacuum cleaners.


  • The upright vacuum cleaners contain a powerful motor which can range up to 1150W.
  • These machines are specifically designed for homes that contain pets (cats, dogs, etc.)
  • The components contain a motorized power head which lifts carpet fibers while cleaning.
  • The upright cleaners provide a deeper and fresher clean.
  • It is an ideal removal for all unwanted pet hairs flying around in different places within the house.
  • It comes with detachable elements such as the flexible hose measuring 2.5m. The hose may allow in-depth cleaning of ceilings; furniture and places where normal vacuum cleaner may fail to reach.
  • The machine encloses a multi-cyclone system which creates a powerful suction and vacuum.
  • The machine further contains a mini hand turbo unit. This unit allows permanent riddance of unwanted furry menace flowing in different corners of the house or lying on furniture.
  • The filtration system on this machine is HEPA certified and creates a healthier home environment.
  • Some unit contains multi-surface control dials using which one may easily adjust power head for best suitability and user comfort level.


  • Upright vacuum cleaners are cheaper than the canister type vacuum cleaners.
  • These machines come with a wider cleaning swath
  • These machines work best for carpet, rug or mat cleaning
  • These machines are easy to maintain and contain


  • The machine is a bit heavy so it takes a bit of effort to push and pull them around
  • Some lighter models are not as light as they are perceived to be (~20 lbs.)
  • Upright cleaners are mostly contributors to noise pollution as compared to canister types.

2.    Canister Vacuum Cleaner

While most of us find vacuum cleaning just a source of cleaning the house and place, a canister based vacuum cleaner works best for those who are seeking to clean the house area with a more effective machine. Canister vacuum cleaners are high powered with the advanced filtration system. These vacuum cleaners are specifically designed to keep the dust perfectly where it belongs.

The design of these vacuum cleaners contains individual and separate units which add more maneuverability for the users. The wheels are better as compared to other units which make them an easily portable solution. However, the machines are rather heavy to drag around. In this type of vacuum cleaner, the canister attaches itself to a flexible hose and function amazingly when cleaning is to be performed.

These designs are considered a lightweight solution, because of their perfect maneuverability. However, our research shows that all canister vacuum cleaners aren’t lightweight after all. However, the brush is amazing and the power head is wonderful which allows the machine to easily fit into the tightest spots easily.

In our opinion, canister vacuum cleaners are one of the best vacuum solutions for cleaning drapes, cars, and floors perfectly.


  • These vacuum cleaners come with advanced filtration system (3 filtration system) this ultimately makes the inside of the machine look cleaner.
  • These machines are HEPA certified
  • They come with a full support for suction control which allows you to tweak with suction depending on the severity of the dust/particle removal.
  • The weight of these machines may vary and range in between 16 – 25 pounds approx.
  • It comes with motor support for both air and electric at the same time.
  • It comes with a flexible but detachable hose which allows you to clean in depth.


  • Canister vacuum cleaners can be considered a more sophisticated and better design as compared to upright vacuum cleaners when it comes to cleaning naked floors.
  • They fit best for cleaning floors, furniture, stairs, drapes and any other laminated, hardwood surface on the go.
  • Canister vacuum cleaners are rather quieter as compared to other vacuum cleaners.
  • The canister designs are more silent as compared to other vacuum cleaners and make rather less noise while cleaning.
  • These vacuum cleaners offer better maneuverability due to which one can easily clean stairs and more.
  • They contain a separate power head which ultimately results in making them look lighter.


  • Comparative analysis shows that these designs look larger in comparison to upright designs.
  • Due to their heavy design, it becomes rather difficult to drag these machines around the house
  • They are not out of the box and ready to use machines. In order to make use of them, a certain assembly is required which may need to be disassembled to easily fit it in back in the closet.
  • You have to bend over for cleaning which is something that you don’t have to do in case of upright vacuum cleaners.
  • The attachable that come with these vacuum cleaners are rather large as well which makes it difficult for the device to fit into a small space.

3.    Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Bearing the same design as the upright vacuum cleaning units, stick vacuum cleaners are one of the most rigid and sturdy vacuum suction pumps out there on the market. A stick vacuum cleaner has always been a considerably acceptable vacuum cleaning solution as it is extremely lightweight and they include all the necessary attachments.

Stick vacuum cleaners are best for environments which have multi-floored homes. For example, if you need to readily shift between floors in order to perform cleaning then this vacuum cleaner is all you would ever need. You can carry it around anywhere with you as you like. It really replaces those powerful machines which weigh loads and yet, lay dangers of being fell down while dragging up the stairs.

While some stick designs fall into the category of central powered housing machine system, others are simply handheld units which you can carry out easily. Either way, a stick vacuum cleaning solution may ultimately result in a super interactive lightweight solution for all users.



  • While most designs inquire you to hold a button during the cleaning process, the stick vacuum cleaner contains usually an on/off switch which removes the hassle of continuously pushing a button to clean.
  • It comes with a docking station which ensures that your machine is fully charged at the time of your need.
  • Some are sophistically designed to fit all the accessories alongside housing without making a space hassle.
  • These designs are perfect fit for clearing fur within your specific environment.
  • These machines come with detachable parts such as crevice, dusting brush tools, and other cleaning agents.
  • The machine also contains a fallout flap which does not allow the dirt to fall out while cleaning
  • These machines contain effective filter options which make them a more considerable item.
  • The machine parts are HEPA certified which makes it an ideal machine for allergic customers.
  • Some of these machines are capable of sucking up liquid as well (~ 150 ml) so they work both ways; dry and wet.


  • Stick vacuum cleaners represent the same aesthetics as that of an upright vacuum cleaner.
  • They have tall bodies and the cleaners include handles
  • These machines also include powerheads which make them more sturdy
  • The cleaning process is mostly quicker and convenient as they clean the mess as if it never existed.
  • These machines are small in size so they can easily fit in any part of your apartment rooms.
  • You do not have to bend over to clean your floors anymore as the pipes are considerably long on these machines


  • These machines may lack in performance when it comes to carpet cleaning (it is better recommended to make use of full-size vacuum cleaners in such case.
  • These machines are specifically designed to clean litters and debris from the ground and are the best fit for conventional vacuum cleaning purposes.
  • The porous bag within the housing of the machine is rather small as compared to other cleaning units which ultimately results in a frequent disposal.
  • These machines are much noisier compared to upright and canister cleaners.

4.    Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner

Hand-held vacuum cleaners are mostly small in size and most of them are cordless solutions. Due to their small size, these vacuum cleaners are highly portable and can be carried to any place of the person’s choice. These units do not require much of maintenance and they work perfectly in environments where powerful suction is required.

Handheld Vacuum cleaners are the best when it comes to cleaning large debris and quick removal of dust. They are good germicides as most of their parts are certified allergy cleaners. In addition, they are small so you can easily place them anywhere even on a bookshelf or top of your favorite wardrobe. Handheld vacuum cleaners are a quick solution to resolve your debris needs and due to its small size, it is easily usable! Even for little kids 🙂


  • Some handheld units come with the built-in LED light source to even navigate you around dark places.
  • They have a powerful suction capacity and are ideal for accurate cleanups.
  • Most of the latest designs are now available in durable stainless steel which makes this device much rigid and sturdy.
  • Some of these designs include cyclonic suction which makes it a powerful debris removal device.
  • All filters within the new designs are mostly HEPA certified.
  • For perfect home cleaning, these devices have successfully passed the CE, FC and UL Certifications.
  • These machines are fitted with rechargeable batteries and are mostly cordless solutions.
  • They also include battery indicators to show the remaining battery life so it can help you decide when the best time to recharge is.


  • Hand-held vacuum cleaners are miniature in size and design.
  • These machines are mostly cordless which makes them quite portable to carry around
  • They are lightweight and can be carried around in hand
  • These are best vacuum cleaners to clean debris or pet hairs from furniture, rugs, and carpets.
  • These are the best vacuum cleaners for indoor cleaning


  • They are yet very useful, but they fail to acquire the same power as that of an upright or canister vacuum cleaner.

5.    Robotic vacuum cleaner

Do you always find yourself busy working on your laptop? Do you barely make time for even to walk into the kitchen and make a cup of tea for yourself? While time becomes an important asset for many of us, Robotic vacuum shaves off a chunk up from your busy schedule so you can focus on more constructive stuff. This is a self-functioning, programmable and navigational robot that helps in keeping your floors clean at all times.

So how does a Robotic vacuum cleaner function? It uses a number of sensors to move around the floor. It will dodge any obstacle becoming a hindrance to its path and it also makes sure that it does not topple off the stairs while cleaning the floors. The disk shape allows this vacuum cleaner to even slide under couches, dressers and other furniture easily.

To work your way around with the Robotic Vacuum cleaner, all you need to do is program the device. All you have to do is turn it on and it will travel around from carpet and rugged surfaces to bare floors. In addition, the best part is the device is fully customized to work on different configurations based on the type of surface and other factors accordingly.

Robot vacuum cleaners make your life a lot easier giving you more time to work in peace.


  • The Robotic vacuum cleaners are the best fit for keeping your carpet and bare floors clean alike. The best thing about them is that they work on floor types and automatically adjusts.
  • They come with an automatic adjustment which detects the surface and organize the cleaning system accordingly.
  • They come with 3 stage cleaning process; loosen up, lift debris and suck dirt within it.
  • The navigation for these machines is seamlessly robust. They can navigate easily around furniture and ensure that they don’t fall down from stairs.
  • Most machines include an application for deeper controlling of the device.
  • They are designed to automatically dock and recharge their units so you don’t have to worry about charging failures.
  • Most current designs include a voice control capability which conducts inquiries from devices such as Amazon, Alexa or Google Assistant to function.
  • You can automatically arrange and organize your own schedule as per your requirement.
  • These devices are mostly powered by Lithium-ion battery units which can be fully charged.
  • These machines are low profile designs which can clean under beds and furniture.
  • Due to their lightweight design, they are extremely portable and can be carried around easily.


  • Robotic vacuum cleaners are the brainchild and the perfect fit for the modern era.
  • They are designed to function while you can easily relax.
  • They are controlled and are cordless which makes them easy to maneuver.
  • They control their own settings for vacuuming sessions based on the severity of particles in the atmosphere.
  • They can be controlled using an application from your smartphone.


  • As much as they are close to the modern era and ease of cleaning, there still remains a large gap when it comes to precision and accuracy; only the most ideal choice such as upright or canister can achieve precision.

6.    Central vacuum cleaner

Central vacuum cleaners are getting very famous these days because these cleaners come up with an idea to clean up your homes quickly and quietly. There is no need to drag these vacuum cleaners here and there but you just have to carry a very lightweight hose together with a wand containing vacuum cleaning head. The central vacuum automatically turns on when you plug in the hose into any socket.

When you start vacuuming with the central vacuum cleaner, all the debris and dust particles pass on through the hose into PVC pipe. All the dust, debris, hair, food particles and coins are pulled by the vacuum motor and these things are captured in the filter of this vacuum cleaner. The best thing about this vacuum cleaning technology is that it is very lightweight and so the owner of this product does not have to carry bulky or heavy parts like in case of many other vacuum cleaners, he may have to do.


Most people are annoyed by the irritating noise that most of the vacuum cleaners produce. When a person is vacuuming your home then it becomes impossible to watch TV, read books, or do anything that requires focus and attention. Anyways, central vacuum cleaning technology has been introduced that does not produce much noise.

  • The central vacuum cleaners are extremely simple to use. You don’t have to carry a number of accessories with you. You can clean every crook and nanny that might be present in your home.
  • Central vacuums do not need to be replaced frequently but the only thing that is required is to maintain them well.
  • These cleaners are good to clean the air and to reduce allergens from your home. The central vacuum cleaning motor pulls all the dirt and dust and sends it to the main power unit that is present in basement or garage where it is then exhausted.
  • These vacuum cleaners are designed in such a way that they can reach any part of your home easily. The long hose of these cleaners can be used to clean vehicles and boats as well. Therefore, you can say that central vacuum cleaners are versatile.
  • The motor of these vacuum cleaners stays cool for a long time and so you can continue vacuuming your entire home in one go.

Therefore, the features of central vacuum cleaning technology reveal that it is very simple to use and if you want to vacuum your home with less hassle or noise then go for it! In fact, not only you can clean your homes with this product but it allows you to clean the seats or other areas of your vehicles as well.


Want to explore how a vacuum cleaner is great and how it can serve you? The following are the main pros that are associated with Central vacuum cleaners:

  • There is no need for power cords and extension cords and that’s why it is super easy to use central vacuum cleaning technology.
  • A central vacuum cleaner is very lightweight and it does not contain any bulky or heavy parts.
  • It has large trash capacity so you can carry on vacuuming without any interruption.
  • All of its parts are used for a long period of time.
  • There is no trouble regarding the filter of this product.
  • It does not re-circulate the dust particles so it does not cause allergies.
  • The cost of such vacuum cleaners is less as compared to many other such products.
  • It is useful for the versatile purpose. Besides vacuuming your home, you can use it for the purpose of cleaning your cars.
  • It is easy to maintain and it can be used for many years. There is no need to replace it frequently like in case of many other vacuum cleaners, you need to do.
  • The great benefit of this product is that it causes less noise as compared to some other vacuum cleaning products.


Want to know about the negative side of central vacuum cleaners as well? If so then here you can know about these points:

  • A central vacuum cleaner requires professional installation so you may have to bear the cost associated with this professional installation.
  • The pipes of these cleaners are very big and they give a bad expression to the area where these cleaners are installed. The pipes must be out of the sight.
  • These are not ideal for small homes or apartments.
  • There is storage trouble because the hose of a vacuum cleaner is too long.

Now, we have reviewed the features, pros and cons of all the different type of vacuum cleaners one by one. When you are going to buy a vacuum cleaner for your home or for your office then you must keep in your mind these things and then you should go for the right product that suits the best to you requirements. The technology of vacuum cleaners is still in progress and day by day, new products with new features are being introduced.

What to consider while buying a vacuum cleaner?

While shopping for the right vacuum cleaning service to fit the best of your needs; there are basically three different attributes which hold significant importance to making a purchase. These may contain floor surface, size and the type of flooring. One other factor that plays an important role is your specific lifestyle to determine which vacuum works best for your need. Therefore, before you move ahead with making a purchase make sure you consider the following:


The schedule plays a vital role. Everyone is not available as they have a various number of responsibilities to supervise. Therefore, if you are the kind of person who takes out normally half hours each day to perform the cleaning of your house, then a lightweight stick vacuum cleaner might just be the option for you. However, if you are a fan of performing vacuum cleaning on the weekends then you need a much powerful solution and nothing fits best in such conditions then a canister or upright vacuum cleaning machine. If you find yourself pre-occupied all the time and you are not really sure whether to onboard a maid to do the cleanings for you! Just wait; why not get yourself a robotic vacuum cleaner.


If your case is similar to one where you want to keep the noise down as it can become an irritant for next door neighbors, our recommendation will be to go for a less noisy solution. Vacuum cleaners with decibel levels ranged between 60-65 dB are considered extremely light noise units. They work in such a manner which does not allow the noise to flow out of your condo or apartment; in fact, not even out of the room. While you are searching for the right product whether online or in a store, make sure to inquire the support or search for a product with controlled decibel levels for house cleaning agent.


Weight is another important factor and this may include a number of reasons. The first is portability. If your machine weighs heavy, it becomes rather difficult for you to move it around. If you are the kind of person who is weight conscious and is looking for a machine that you can easily carry around from one point to another without any concern, then pick something around 10-20 pounds. This kind of machine works best in multi-tier environments where carrying the machine from one floor to another becomes a bit of a challenging task.


Bags of dust may seem to be tiny specks which are harmless but when inhaled abundantly can really create risky situations. If you are a person who’s conscious about keeping the air clean and suffer from continuous asthma problems, you may want to consider an option that is allergy free. Vacuum cleaners which include components that are HEPA certified can really become a probable solution for you. You can make sure to change filters every six months depending on the severity of your allergies. To top it all off, make sure that you purchase units which comes with detachable items that can be washed rinsed and reused all over again.


Do you love your pets? However, you are worried how you can get rid of those furballs which keep getting stuck to your rugs. Well, it’s time to make the right decision and get your hands on a high powered vacuum cleaner. Vacuum units with good propelling functionality become the most optimum fit for removing hairs from your respective carpet or rug within no time. Such machines are a beast, as they come with attachments such as the special brush and large pipe sections which not only control the chute from clogging with hair but also create high suction power to remove all hairy hassles from your personal castle.


Vacuum cleaners are an essential product of our daily lives. It helps us keep our floors clean but that’s not all that a vacuum cleaner does, it makes sure that we do not get infected with diseases like sinus and asthma. If you have pets and babies within your home, keeping the floors clean becomes more of a necessity rather than a need. This is to ensure that you keep yourself and your family safe from the pollutants.

While, floors and the use of vacuum cleaner can vary, so do the choices we make to pick the right one? We have discussed the different types which are gaining considerable recognition around the world and therefore, we believe that this buyer’s guide will reluctantly help you in gaining the perfect insight on which product fits best to your respective needs. Have you decided what you are going to purchase? If not, now might be the right time.


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