Weed Killers – Best for your Beautiful Garden

Weed killers are under the often called as Herbicides, and it used to control unwanted Plants. In fields, with a crop, unwanted plants are grown together, which is harmful to crop, they affect the growth of the crop. To control it, we need to remove it by commercial weed killers, and this process called weeding.

Weed killers are made from chemicals, specially treated liquid chemicals are used in Weed killers.

Weed killers are available in two categories, which are selective and non-selective.

Selective weed killers are used to removing the particular unwanted plant, and selective weed is used where weed is growing in the middle of something. Mostly it applied on lawns, playing grounds, golf courses, and landscapes.

Another one is a non-selective weed, which clears the waste ground, used in Industrial area, and construction sites. It removes all plant which comes into contact with it.

We know weed control is necessary and important in agricultural use, but it is safe?

The various chemical contains weed killers are available in the market, but all are not safe for pets, for dogs. Before years somewhere in the frontier county, over 700 cattle are killed overnight due to poisonous weed. So, avoid commercial weed killers and try organic weed killers and homemade idea which is safe for your pet and dogs.

To prevent the effect on pets dogs, we need to use organic weed killers.

Homemade ideas to kill the Weed

Boiling Water – If boiling water hurts to human and pets, then why not for Weed? Remove Weed from the sidewalk, from the cracks and patio area with boiling water. Boil water and pour on the weeds. By then boiling water weeds burn out.

Make a Vinegar Mix Spray – Make your spray with adding vinegar. Boil a two cup of water. Add one cup of vinegar in it and two drops of clove oil or lemon oil. Mix it up in one bowl and fill it in a spray bottle. Sprayed this mixture on the active area of the Weed.

Clean up manually – The Safest way to remove the Weed. Hire some labor and give it to them to remove weed from the garden, fields. Dig it down from roots. By hand, you can grab the weeds form root. Otherwise, you can use some common field tools to dig it.

If you don’t want to make it at home then some organic weed killers are available in the market which is safe for dogs and garden.

Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed Killer –  A safe alternative to prevent Weed. In this ready-made Weed killer, you ‘don’t have to mix anything. So, you can directly spray out in your Weed active area. The effect is fast, within 12-24 hours grassy Weed will turn brown.

Garden Safe Weed and Grass Cleaner – It is a safe mixture to remove Weed from your garden. Also, it removes dandelion, chickweed, Corn Spurry, annual bluegrass, groundsel, ‘lamb’s quarter, plantain, large crabgrass, redroot pigweed, mouse-eared chickweed, sheep sorrel, round-leaved mellow, stinkwood, Shepherd’s purse, lichens, and algae.

Epsoma Organic Weed Preventer – It is made from corn gluten meal, so it is healthy for gardens and safe for pets. Feed it in deep down in lawns, and it prevents an inhibiting root development. It gives long last nitrogen for thicker and green grass.

Weeding is essential to growing a crop for gardening. However, commercial Weed killers are harmful to dogs and gardening grass. Thus, Some organic Weed killers we have seen use it, it is safe for dogs and garden. We got more information from best10revieweds site.

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