What Are Some Of The Essential Kitchen Tools You Need?

After anyone moves or shifts to a new place, their first concern is to make their kitchens productive and at the same time look aesthetic.  Most people use second-hand plates along with cheap utensils and glassware. These being some of the most important components of the kitchen, a better choice of the utensils can easily bring up the appeal of the kitchen. Although there are several articles on the internet that help you know more about how to design your kitchen, but not as many when it comes to how to make it more productive.

What kind of kitchen tools would you require?

With such a vast array of products available in the market today, it can be quite a daunting task to know what the essential kitchen tools are. This is why you should sit down and clear your requirements in the kitchen. However, to help you decide better, this article further provides a list of essential kitchen tools you might require in any starter kitchen. This list consists of tools you would need on an everyday basis, or at least once a week, while utensils and equipment such as blenders are kept away from the list.


There are three necessary types of knives in every kitchen:

A Chef’s Knife: This is one of the most important types of kitchen knives one needs. It is a sharp knife which is mainly used to do the bulk of your cutting.


A Serrated Knife: This is a less sharp knife which is mainly used to cut or slice softer material like bread.


A Paring Knife: This knife is very handy and used for small purposes like slicing or mincing smaller food items.

To get the best of all the worlds, you can buy a knife set that includes all these types for your kitchen. However, if that seems like a costly affair, you can set out your requirements and mix-and-match the knives you need. It is advised that the most money is spent on a chef’s knife as it can come in handy in all kinds of cutting purposes. However, not much should be spent on serrated knives as unlike the other knives; these cannot be sharpened easily.

Cutting Boards:

Just buying sharp and handy knives is not enough, you need some cutting boards to top it all off.  Cutting boards come in different variants when it comes to the sizes, shapes, and materials used. Usually, a bamboo wood cutting board is the most suitable for vegetables, while plastic boards are suitable for proteins.

An added advantage of plastic cutting boards over the wooden ones is that they have rubber feet which inhibits slippage and helps them stay in one place. In addition to that, there are grooves that help catch the raw meat juices and keep your countertop clean and tidy.

Mixing Bowls:

Though these might not seem like much, mixing bowls are an integral part of the kitchen. No food preparation can be complete without it. Nowadays, they can be made from many different materials; however, glass ones are the best. Glass mixing bowls are easier to clean, do not react to any food products and is dishwasher safe.

Blender, Meat Grinder

Coffee and spice blenders are another important thing of kicthen. They are relly very important tools of kicthen. Meat grinders are used to process the meat. You may check Reviewlin’s articles to learn more about meat grinders and other tools.

Measuring cups and spoons:

This is seen to be an add-on to mixing bowls, since without proper measurements; no mixture can be made tasty. However, before buying measuring utensils, you have to check if it is easy to store and maintainable. Metal ones are not as aesthetic but last longer and are much easier to clean, while plastic ones look good but are not as efficient in daily use.


The colander is a very useful component of the kitchen. From washing vegetables to draining pasta, a colander can come in handy in a lot of situations. A plastic one is advised since it is easier to clean and has the same functionality as the other ones.

These are some of the kitchen tools that are of prime importance in the daily process of food making. If you want to make the most out of your kitchen, you should not miss out on any of the products mentioned here.

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