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In your long years of cooking and preparing foods, you must have changed different kinds of frying pans. Whether they are worn and old or damaged, there are times when you have to replace the pans. Instead of throwing them away, why not turn them into something useful and beautiful? What to do with old frying pans? You can transform them into other things that are useful and functional instead of throwing them at the landfill. Be creative and you will be awarded the most amazing creations.

Re-Purpose Actions

There are tons of ways to re-purpose the old pans and not throw them away just like that. For instance, if you have an old with a cover lid then you can transform it into a bird feeder. The lid can be the roof, providing shelter to the birds when it is raining. This is the simplest DIY project that you can do on your own. You just need to make a hole right on the center of the pan so the metal pole can go through it.

Once the pole goes through the hole, place the lid on the top side of the pole. Make sure that you place the pan not too far from the lid so the lid remains functional. Try it. You only need to have a metal pole and the old pan. Once you install the pole and fix the whole thing, you can see how your pan has turned into something super useful. This is the best option when the frying pan is deep.

If you have the pan, you can change it to a container. This is one solution if you wonder what to do with old frying pans Feeling like you don’t have enough container for your kitchen supplies? Then make use of the old pans. Simply remove the handle and the pan would be enough to keep all of that kitchen stuff. What if you have more than one old pan? It’s even better! You can transform them all into various containers and divide them into categories. Isn’t it nice when you have a container for the cleaning items, a container for the kitchen spices, and such thing alike?

Do you think you have a good artistic skill? Or do you want to tag along your kids in fun art projects? Turn the pans into fun art projects. Make sure that you have properly cleaned all the pans before using them for your creative work. And then feel free to change them into anything artsy. Have colorful beads at home? Glue them to the surface – don’t forget to create interesting patterns and images. Feel free to use any surface of the pan – whether it is on the front or the backside.

Unused pans can also be turned to attractive wall decor – plus, a unique chalkboard. Clean the pans and paint them with chalk paint. Do you know that there are different kinds of chalk paints? If you have several pans, you can paint them in black, green, blue, and red. Hang them whenever you need some catchy wall decors. This is the best way to use old pans as well as making your own chalkboard. You can use them for wise words or as a to-do list or as a message board.

How about making your own cake stand? If you have several pans and a dowel (whether metal or wood), you can create the stand. Remove the handles and then simply arrange those pans with the dowel. Voila! Your cake stand is ready. Think about repainting those old pans? Be my guest but be sure to allow enough time so the paint will dry completely. And if you are going to use it as a cake stand, use the paint that isn’t dangerous for the food.

Resale Actions

If you want to get money from your items, why not reselling them? If your old pans are still in good condition and yet you already have the new ones, then you can always resale them. This is a win-win solution for everyone – you can get money from the old pans and the new owners can buy stuff with inexpensive tag price. A lot of owners like this method because they can get money from their old items. A lot of people also like the idea that they can buy inexpensive frying pans without having to spend a lot of money.

You can advertise them at Craiglist or eBay or even Facebook. You can also have a garage sale or sell the pans at the secondhand stores. Naturally, the price depends on the condition. The better they are, the higher the price will be – although not even close to the original price.

Recycle Plans

What to do with old frying pans? Why not recycling them? Work together with the local scrap metal (recycle) center so you won’t add the landfill. You only need to provide the information such as whether your pans have a nonstick coating or not or whether the pans are ferrous (magnetic) and nonferrous. The treatment to these pans is different, depending on their types. They can efficiently recycle your old pans so they won’t harm the environment.

Reputable and world-class manufacturers usually provide information on how you can recycle the pans. Some of them even have their own recycling management. You can contact them and send them the old pans to be recycled. Recycling old frying pans doesn’t have to be difficult if you choose reputable manufacturers.

Reuse Functions

Want to help others? Donate your old and unused frying pans. Your kids love to play cooking or baking? You can give them the old pans so they can have an enjoyable playing time. If you like going camping and enjoying the outdoor atmosphere, those old pans can be useful. They will help you prepare foods in the wild.

Final Words

Basically, don’t just throw away your old pans. They are still useful and handy on many different occasions. You just need to figure out what to do with old frying pans and how to use them properly.

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