Which Hardwood Flooring Is Most Durable?

The hardwood flooring in your home is not only meant to look great – it should also be durable and be able to handle the various things that can occur in your home or office. If you’re considering new flooring, you may want to think about wood flooring in Denver CO. There are several kinds of hardwood floors that you can choose from, with each one being more or less durable and long lasting than the other. Let’s look at some of the flooring choices you have when it comes to hardwood.

The Janka Hardness Scale

This is the scale used to measure the density of wood and can be used to determine how sturdy and durable your hardwood flooring will be. The higher the Janka hardness rating, the more resistant the floor is to scratches, dents, and wear and tear. Red Oak, a popular hardwood floor choice, has a high rating. Black walnut and Douglas fir have much lower rating and are softer and easier to dent or damage.

Traditional Wood Flooring

Traditional wood is durable and lasts for a very long time. It is the first choice if you want something that is durable and meant to last for years in your home or office. It also adds more to the resale value of your home, giving you an excellent reason to install them if you plan on moving in the next few years. There are plenty of choices, from expensive woods to more affordable options, so you can have a customized floor that looks great in your home. Solid wood can be sanded, refinished, and repaired as much as needed over the years. It’s the most durable flooring option you can choose.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood has been designed to resist moisture and can vary in their thickness or thinness. The thicker the layer, the more durable it is and the longer it lasts. If your layer is thick, then you can refinish and sand your floors whenever they start to look worn down or dingy. Be sure to know the thickness so that you can determine how many times you can refinish your floor and keep it looking gorgeous.

Laminated Wood Flooring

Getting laminated wood flooring installed in your home or office is cheap but it can also result in less durability. It looks very close to traditional hardwood, but this is simply a layer that makes the floors look appealing. It cannot be refinished or sanded, meaning you can’t make your floors look brand new after years of wear and tear have occurred. Solid wood resists scratches and dents while engineered wood resists moisture damage. Laminated wood cannot do either, but it is easy to clean and affordable.

Finishing Your Flooring

The finish that is applied to your floors can make a large difference in how durable your flooring is. There are two kinds of hardwood floor finishes – traditional polyurethane and acrylic urethane. Polyurethane withstands the movement and changes that wood goes through and it makes your floor look gorgeous. Acrylic urethane is tougher and resists scratches, but polyurethane can resist heat and chemicals as well.

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