Why Does My Garbage Disposal Smell So Bad?

What does garbage really smell like? The smell cannot be explained, but you can read it from one’s face when they come across a stinking place. Many people may be asking themselves why garbage stinks. When the organic waste undergoes decomposition and decay, and as a result, the odor comes out.

The decomposing material releases methane and other gases which combine and produce a foul smell. There are different reasons why garbage has a foul smell. Depending on the type of garbage and also by the method of disposal. The following are some of the reasons;

Fat or grease sticking into the drains

Normally the kitchen sinks have a foul smell resembling that of rotten egg. This smell is caused by pouring oil or fat along the drain. The grease congeals, forming semi-solid substance, and it begins to decompose. As a result, the smell is produced and comes back to the house. This can be prevented by putting a couple of baking soda in the drain and putting some vinegar. Run hot water through the drain to get rid of the waste and to clear the passage.

Dirty garbage disposal

Garbage disposal burning smell or foul rotting smell is produced when scraps of food get stuck into the blade. This is the reason why water should be run through the garbage disposal for about thirty seconds after it is through making grinding noises. By so doing the scraps of food are washed away. To prevent the stale smell, put some ice cubes into the garbage disposal to knock off the foods that might have stuck along the blades. For one to gain a nice smell, throw a few pieces of citrus, either lemon or orange to obtain a citric smell.

If the drain has not been used for a while

If you have not used the sink for a long time, the water in the trap of the U-bend evaporates. Thus allowing the foul-smelling gases out. The drains usually have a trap that prevents sewer gas from coming out. To prevent this smell from rising up, run water through the drain. By so doing the trap will get filled, and this eliminates the smell.

If there is no drain trap

If the drain trap was not installed during construction, it is better installed. This is because the stale air will directly come up, and there is no way to prevent it from spreading. This will cause discomfort to the user. A licensed plumber should be hired to install the right trap.


Everyone requires fresh air for breathing to go on smoothly. Foul smells are a disgusting thing to come across, especially after meals. This could even make some people throw out what they just took. Therefore, keeping our garbage disposal clean is very necessary.

This also promotes human health as some may be breeding areas for pests and disease-causing micro-organisms. One should ensure that the drains are clean and avoid pouring grease and oily substances along to prevent them from blocking. Drain traps should also be installed. Good garbage disposal is a key element in human health.

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