For homeowners who have no idea about how to pick up the right floors or even it is the first time to consider about flooring for houses’ decoration or refurbishment,
Laminate floor is a good place to start looking at. No matter what brand label are attached, Laminate floorsshare various common benefits.

Below are some advantages why people should pick up the Laminate:


It doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg to install laminate floors

For home owners who pursue the home renovation at reasonable price, laminate flooring is their good choice. One big advantage of Laminate lies its lower price, meanwhile providing a very similar look and feeling,when comparing with timber floors these days. According to some customers’ feedback, some sub-brandsof laminate floors such as the quick-step impressive Ultra and quick-step Majestic laminate floors provide an even better overall feel than timber floors.


Resistance to water& moist

The second big reason attractingcustomers to choose laminate floors is because its high ability of water, wear & tear and scratches resistance. In old days, customersalways worry about that laminate floors will be bend and stretched after long term water and moist exposure.But there is no need for customers to worry about these anymore. Currently, quick-step laminate ranges such as quick-step impressive Ultra and quick-step Eligna are both water resistant.

And for households who needs to look after babies or feed pets, the laminate is good and friendly choice for these kinds of families thanks to its scratch resistance.


Fast and easy installation

It will just take around a few hours to finish the floors installation for a decent size of living area.A lot of customers even choose to install their floors themselves which increase the sense of participation.


To be specific,the Laminate floors’ click system of quick-step flooring make it particularly easy to install floors. Moreover, it is much easier to install the laminate floors rather than the timber floors.Laminate floors don’t need to be installed on underlay, they can be installed on top of existing concrete, or floor tiles with very little amount of pre-preparation. So laminate floors are really easy and cost-saving choice.


One big thing customer care about: The Look

Design and style of the floor is almost the most important determinant when it comes to choosing floorings since it is the seeable factor that will make customers’ purchasing decisions. Nowadays, there is one innovate technology called super realistic printing technology can help laminate floors copy almost 100% timber floor styles. To be honest, customers cannotdistinguish a notable difference between timber floor and laminate floor.


There are so many different choices and options when it comes to laminate floors’ design and styles. For instance, quick-step Eligna floors generally bring customers the warm and bright feelingas long as you step on it. Quick-step majestic floors are popular for their extra-long and wide planks, which is irrefutable the best choice for a spacious area. After installing the quick-step majestic floors, customers can immediately feel the improved grandly feeling of their rooms. Quick-step impressive ultra on the other hand is not so bald as the majestic range. What is more, the medium sized impressive Ultra floors are widely favored by households all sizes.


Liteon maintenance

Nobody wants to spend half a day on cleaning and mopping their floors, no matter what social class they belong to. Laminate floor haspretty low clean and maintenance cost.The cleaning process are quite understandable, every now and then, they just need to be vacuumed or swept then moppedwith a small proportion of the quick-step cleaning product. Hence such cleaning process helps to save households quite time to maintain the floors.


Flexible structure

Laminate floors to certain extent can expand or contract when there happen to temperature change or other external pressure, that is why it’s called a floating floor. For certain, they can maintain at their original style and conditions for quite a few years,If there is no bend or crack on laminate floors.



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