Hoover is a well-renowned branch in the Vacuum Cleaner Industry. It was established in 1907 and since then, it has produced vacuum cleaners which are reliable to remove dust and debris from the carpet and hard surfaces. Hoover hasn’t let its customers down after purchasing its products. It is a name of reliability together with trust.

Initially, the Vacuum Cleaners were used mostly to remove dust and debris from the carpets. With the passage of time, people replaced carpets with hard laminated floors. There is no reason to avoid the laminated floors as they give nice look. They are common in homes and equally in offices.

The Vacuum Cleaners which perform best on carpets aren’t even good on hard floors. The Hoover knew the fact and introduced the updated Wind Tunnel3 Technology for hard laminated floors. Its product “HOOVER VACUUM CLEANER AIR UPRIGHT” is one of the Best products for Cleaning Laminate Floor.  The technology is designed to suck the dust, debris and pet hair from the hard surfaces.

This technology has unique design and features. This helped Hoover to improve its confidence and position in the minds of the customers.

Wind Tunnel3 Technology


The Hoover Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a product which comes in the market with Wing Tunnel3 Technology. It is a heavy vacuum cleaner having 40 feet long cord which makes cleaning long rooms easy. It is even easy to clean two medium sized adjacent rooms without switching the plugs. Its 12 feet long extension hose is bigger when comparing to the competitor’s products that come with 6 feet and 9 feet long extension hose. In addition, Hoover also provides a variety of hose attachment tools.

Tools and Features:

Turbo Tool:

The turbo tool of the cleaner is a roller having rubber blades. It performs effectively to remove pet hairs from the stairs and furniture. This tool performs better to remove pet hair rather using bristles.

Pet Upholstery Tool:

It performs well to remove hair from the delicate surfaces. The stationary rubber blades are good at catching hair. The tool shifts the hair from a hose into the bin. It gives the best performance and efficiency.

Crevice Tool:

As obvious by the name of the tool, it is designed to perform better for removing dust and hair from narrow gaps. It is the best to suck dust from the cracks. It performs very well to clean cars and areas which are hard to reach. It is effective to clean the places where baseboard and carpet meet.


There is a big dustbin with the vacuum to collect the dust. Compared to the other compared to the other models of the vacuum cleaners it has a large dustbin. It has enormous space to keep the dust, but in case you want to empty the dustbin you can remove it from the base, empty the dustbin and then attach it from where you removed it.

Height Adjustment Dial:

The most useful aspect of the Hoover Upright Vacuum Cleaner is that it has a height adjustment dial. It provides a range of flooring options to clean the floors to high pile carpets. It helps to adjust the height of brush roll and vacuum nozzle

Usability of Vacuum Cleaner:

The Hoover Upright Vacuum cleaner is exceptionally easy to use. Tilting the vacuum cleaner body and adjusting the brush rolls require minimum effort. The height adjustment unique feature is best to clean dust, debris and pet hair from surfaces of several heights.

The Hoover Dustbin is also easy to clean. Its brush rolls are easier to remove pet hair from them. Although, cleaning the filter requires some effort and time. That is manageable as it is same for all the other brands that come into the market. There is enough space to clean the brush rolls while they are intact with the device. Unlike other models, there is no need to remove the brush rolls using a screwdriver. The dustbin can also be cleaned opening the door of the bin at the bottom.

The Hoover’s 15 Inch wide brush rolls and Vacuum nozzle helps deep cleaning under furniture which is not easy using conventional vacuum cleaners. It can manage to clean under 5 inches depth. To remove the dust, debris and pet hair, keep the vacuum five inches high from the surface.

Performance Tests of Hoover Vacuum Cleaner:

When tested rigorously sawdust and sand mixture, human hair, pet hair and debris, the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner using the Wind Tunnel3 technology gave best results. It even performed well on low and mid-pile carpets and also on hard laminated floors.

The hard floors present challenges to vacuum cleaners. However, it is not the case cleaning with Hoover Upright Vacuum cleaner which uses Wind Tunnel3 Technology for better performance.  When tested rigorously to pick the sand and sawdust mixture, it was successful to pick 98% of the mixture from the hard laminated surface.

Before this technology, people mostly used brooms and dustpans to conduct cleaning from kitchens. However, Hoover Upright Vacuum Cleaner has made the task easier and faster. This model performs well on hard surfaces outperforming the other models although their manufacturers claim better performance which is not the case to be.

Similarly, most of the Vacuums face problems and get stuck while picking human and pet hair. However, meeting the expectations of the manufacturers, the Hoover Upright Cleaner performs best at picking the human and pet hair not only from the carpets but also from the hard laminated floor surfaces.

To test the durability of the product, a test was conducted to pick the washers, nuts and bobby pins (Although it is not meant to be used this way, so avoid it. This was only done for test purposes). The hoover performed well picking small nuts, big washers, and bobby pins without jamming and breakage of a device. This ensures the durability of the product.

Maintenance and Support:

The product is offered with a 5 years warranty. Although, it seems equal to its competitors its uniqueness is the parts page. There the customers can easily shop everything from filters, brush rolls to dustbins. Even the screws are available for replacement. The website also lists the certified service centers where the products and parts may easily be purchased. The parts page is specially designed to improve the performance of the product which decreases with the usage like filters and brush rolls need to be replaced.

The product’s manual is helping enough to deal with the common problems that may arise while usage. The indicator on the top of the bin will turn red in case of any problem. The manual includes a list of the problems to identify why it has occurred.


Hoover is the best choice for cleaning the hard laminated floors. The product performs even better to clean the carpets. The Wind Tunnel3 Technology is designed to perform best on the hard floors. People nowadays prefer to keep hard floors not only at their homes but also in the offices. The technology is best to clean the dust from the narrow gaps and from surfaces of different ranges. It is specially designed to pick the human and pet hair from the hard surfaces. The Hoover Wind Tunnel3 Technology Upright Bagless Vacuum cleaner is one of the best pickings to best clean laminate floors.


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