Zen Interior Designing – A Old age Interior Style Millennials are Adopting

With our fast-paced lifestyle, the stress level is increasing drastically. Due to which there is no balance between professional and personal life. Therefore, to bring back the sunshine in your life, people are finding new ways. It could be in terms of increasing productivity or decluttering your home.

Either way, people are putting in efforts to balance harmony and tranquillity in life. Nowadays, the trend of Zen interior designing is increasing.  Since ages, we have seen our great grandparents adapting it.

But, with the passage of time, it disappeared. However, the millennials have started adopting this old age interior style to lead a better life.

The word Zen is a Japanese word that arrived from the Chinese word – “Cha’an-na”. This word is particularly taken from the Buddhist Dhyana, which also means meditation.

So, Zen is basically a state of mind where one experiences serenity and calmness in oneself. It becomes possible only with relaxation.

There are many ways to relax. Nevertheless, nothing matches up to a better place other than your house. In other words, your home where your heart is!

In order to have relaxation at your home, one has to enhance the home with Zen principles.

Often people assume that Zen is identical with the minimalistic interior and the Japanese elements. Nevertheless, remember one thing, Zen means to create a modern design concept that shall make your home beautiful.

In this blog, we are going to discuss in detail about the Zen interior style for the home. To know more on it, keep scrolling!

While designing the home, every interior style has specific elements that are mandatory to have inside the home. Likewise, in the Zen Interior Designing, below listed are elements you must incorporate to have a better home.

  • Straight Lines
  • Uncluttered Space
  • Soothing Colors
  • Natural Lighting
  • Elegant and Simple Upholstery
  • Greeneries
  • Soft Underfoot
  • Eliminating Electronics
  • Zen Decoration

So, those are the elements one must have inside the home to create a Zen Interior for your home. Now, let us check out how you can implement the elements in the home that shall make it alive and radiate the positive vibes.

  1. Straight Lines

When we say about straight lines, we mean to go for simplicity in terms of the furniture you use. When you are designing the home with Zen style, simplicity is at the core. One has to keep it in mind in every element.

Instead of getting, the intricate designs in the furniture go for the straight lines.  With straight-line furniture, ensure that you are able to utilize in the most possible way. Besides, this furniture should be made from natural materials like wood and bamboo.

  1. Uncluttered Space

In earlier times, people used to collect tons of items and make their home look cluttered. Because of which, there has been declined productivity in the work. Also, at home, it has negatively influenced.

As time passes by everyone is becoming more organized. Keeping the items that are only necessary for every-day-life. Moreover, even if you do not wish to get rid of some things, then you can store them at appropriate places and maintain a clutter-free look. This will also bring the Zen aura inside your home.

  1. Soothing Colors

It is a scientifically proven fact that colors do influence your mood. While designing the Zen style, choose the colors that are available in the nature in abundance.

The primary goal of applying these colors is to receive calmness. Hence, as long as the colors evoke the sense of peace, you must go for the ones that are suitable for you.

It could be warm colors, neutral colors, cool colors or earthy colors like shades of brown, warm gold, sand, crisp white palate and more.

  1. Natural Lighting

Lights play an essential role in bringing the affirmative and optimistic atmosphere. Many people believe that having dimmed lights inside the home shall uplift the ambiance and make it soothing.

However, it is very important for the natural light to emit. It is in your hand how you wish to control the different sources of light and its intensity. You can use table lamps and floor lamps. If you want the diffused lights, you can also get the scented candles.

As much as the natural lighting is important, maintaining the indoor humidity level is necessary. Therefore, a commercial dehumidifier will make the space comfortable, prevent the serious mold and mildew problems.

  1. Elegant And Simple Upholstery

In Zen Interior, the key is to display the natural and light colors. Hence, when it comes to the upholstery use the ultimate comfortable fabric that is cotton. You can use the linen also that shall work great for the curtains for an appealing look.

Likewise, the colors of the curtains must match up with the cushion covers; sofa covers, and if there are any chairs.

  1. Greeneries

Bringing the nature inside your Zen home is a significant step of Zen interior designing. We have seen how plants offer a calming effect inside the home and maintain the oxygen level.

Therefore, always keep the lush plants surrounded in the home. You can use the various pottery items and vibrant glasses to keep the plants inside it.

Do not miss to add some attractive seashells and sand surrounding it. You can use the twigs for the hanging purpose.

Plants like Snake Plant, Rubber Plant, Peace Lily, Gerbera Daisy, Aloe Vera and more.

  1. Smooth Underfoot

To add smoothness underfoot, you must install the wooden flooring inside the home. Since there are many types of among wood floors, parquet flooring is an exceptional choice. You can also select the flooring that accomplishes well or contrasts with the walls. In the end, the main motive is to balance the smoothness of flooring with everything inside the home.

One important point to consider while selecting the floor for the home is it should not have any fuss and patterns.

  1. Eliminating Electronics

With all the positivity radiating now, you do not want the negativity to enter again. Electronics do not spread out positivity. Hence, hide them or perhaps eliminate the electronics. It is the same for the cords, wire cables, and phone chargers.

You can tuck them inside or cover up, so it becomes invisible.

  1. Zen Decorations

Last but not least, comes the Zen Decorations. Often people consider this somewhat interior as boring and dull. Nevertheless, for an enchanting touch, you can use Zen decor items for the home.

From fragrant candles, flower vases, bamboo plants, rustic Buddha statue, colorful pebbles, a picture of waterfall, seascape, to lamps – you can put anything as long as you do not go overboard.

To enhance the decor, you can have natural scents inside the home at the corners. Moreover, the crucial thing to remember is that anything that brings cooling and relieving effect on your mind and inside the home is beneficial.

So, that was all about the Zen Interior Designing. In the above-mentioned blog, we have jotted down about the elements of the Zen interior to integrate into your home. Due to the stressful life and personal problems, millennials are adopting the old age style interior that is Zen Interior Style. Try it out and feel the surreal experience of calm and peace in your home.

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