You might be reading this Zodiac MX8 Review because you want an efficient and a reliable pool cleaner. Indeed, over the past few years, Zodiac has turned into a market leader. It manufactures some of the world’s finest automatic pool cleaners.

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As summer comes round the corner, homeowners with huge swimming pools search for pool cleaners that can keep the waters safe and clean. Water must be in good condition for a great and safe swimming experience. This is why you must take a good look at distinctive pool cleaners from renowned brands like Zodiac. Zodiac specializes in automated pool cleaners. It is built with splendid features and characteristic benefits. If you want to keep your swimming pool clean and tidy on a daily basis, you must invest in products like the MX8. This suction side pool cleaner is built with innovative filters and has an ultra-efficient design.

Suction side automatic pool cleaners from Zodiac are easy to use and install. The pool cleaner gets rid of debris and dirt in an effortless manner. Suction side pool cleaners like the MX8 are designed for in-ground pools. You can use the cleaner on different types of surfaces like vinyl, tile, fiberglass, and concrete.

Here we managed an article about Zodiac MX8 Review

Product Features and Specification

Interesting features in Zodiac Pool Cleaners are:

  • All suction side pool cleaners from the brand are built with resistant pipes.
  • The automated pool cleaners feature wheel detectors to take care of tight corners! This is a key selling feature of Zodiac pool cleaners.
  • The pool cleaners are absolutely silent. It collaborates with slow pumps and doesn’t make much noise.
  • The suction side pool cleaner gets rid of moderate and small sized dust/dirt particles from the pool walls and floors.
  • The Zodiac suction side pool cleaners are two-speed systems. You can change the speed of each pump. This increases performance and energy efficiency.
  • Installing and using the pool cleaner is simple. To begin with, the suction cleaner needs to be connected to the hose, disc and wheel deflector. Next, the hose has to be attached to the skimmer. Now, your suction side pool cleaner is ready to be used!

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Product Review

This Zodiac MX8 review focuses on one of the market’s finest pool cleaners.

Zodiac MX8 is designed and manufactured by the brand “Zodiac”. In the past few years, Zodiac has produced many world-class pool cleaners. And, MX8 is a stunning product from the company. The MX8 will reduce your cleaning expenses to few pennies every day. That is because all the Zodiac cleaners (especially MX8) are energy efficient.

Zodiac MX8 is a suction side pool cleaner. These are automatic cleaners that can vacuum all sorts of debris and dirt from the pool. Dirt is removed and directed to the pool’s filter system.

In general, suction side pool cleaners are attached to parts that generate suction in the pool. Once the pool cleaner is connected, it starts moving around and climbing walls. You don’t need to push (or maneuver) this automatic pool cleaner. The MX8 is designed to clean the pool automatically. It ensures that all the areas are covered and no dirt is left behind. The performance of MX8 or any suction side pool cleaner depends on the filtration and pump system of the pool.

When compared to other robotic and pressure side pool cleaners, MX8 is both reliable and efficient.

Let’s watch a video about Zodiac MX8. You will get some fantastic information from the video:

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Features and Specs

In any Zodiac MX8 Review, you will come across the following features:

  • The MX8 is extremely secure.
    1. It features a twist locking hose. The hose gets securely attached to the cleaner’s head.
  • This Zodiac suction side cleaner is designed with state-of-art technology.
    1. It features a maX-Drive navigation system. MaX-Drive improves the cleaner’s maneuverability. It offers amazing torque and directs the cleaner to all nooks and corners in the pool.
  • When compared to other cleaners, MX8 has a big head. This means the cleaner can remove bigger, stubborn debris from the pool.
  • MX8 has a unique design. It reduces energy flow. Thus, it saves more energy.
  • Zodiac MX8 can handle the toughest and most stubborn dirt/dust particles in your swimming pool.
    1. It offers double cyclonic suction. This system makes the cleaner move fast and further. Above all, the vacuum cleaner needs reduced water flow.



  • The pool cleaners can be used on all kinds of surfaces. You don’t need to buy a separate pool cleaner for vinyl, fiberglass, tile and concrete surfaces!
  • The pool cleaner features a dedicated vacuum line. You don’t need to buy an additional booster pump or plumbing pump. The cleaner will work seamlessly with your existing system. It is absolutely easy to create a connection.
  • The suction side pool cleaner comes with many add-on items: hose locks, flow regulators, elbows, valve cuffs and a hose float.
  • This pool cleaner is extremely light. It weighs around 21 pounds.
  • Since the MX8 is lightweight, handling it is pretty simple.
  • With respect to design, this suction side pool cleaner is compact. Yet, it delivers ample power.
  • The MX8 cleans at extreme speed. It is predominantly efficient too. It delivers high levels of efficiency at an affordable price.
  • The Power turbine is a key selling point of the Zodiac MX8. The engine is both efficient and robust. This is how the MX8 ensures deep cleaning.
  • As mentioned previously, this pool cleaner features a dual cyclonic system. This system cleans wider paths and even climbs walls!



  • The pump basket should be cleaned frequently. Else, the overall operating efficiency of the pool cleaner will reduce.
  • You must closely monitor the pump basket.
  • You cannot use these pool cleaners on large debris! The pool cleaner doesn’t work well with large particles.
  • In a year to two, the gear drive system wears out. This means the gear drive system should be periodically replaced.


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Benefits of Zodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner

Zodiac is a leading brand in pool cleaners. It has designed and manufactured advanced cleaning solutions. When you invest in a Zodiac product, you are bound to get a wide range of features. Two Zodiac products that revolutionized pool cleaners would be MX6 and MX8.

Here is a quick Zodiac MX8 review on how useful and advantageous the pool cleaner is.

  1. Sophisticated Navigation

A unique feature that differentiates the MX8 from other pool cleaners would be the maX-Drive Navigation system.

This navigation system ensures that every corner of your swimming pool is clean. All the waterlines, floors and walls should be touched.

MaX-Drive is programmed to work on all pools. It doesn’t depend on the pool’s size or shape.

  1. Optimal Suction

Another reason to buy the MX8 is the “Dual cyclonic system”. This system ensures maximum suction. This is how and why MX8 can climb walls.

The cleaner is so powerful that pool owners with vinyl lining should be careful. Also, you must repair all damages in your pool before buying/using MX8.

  1. More Coverage

Most automatic pool cleaners take several hours to clean swimming pools. This is because the cleaner has to move forward and backward till the entire pool is covered.

The Zodiac MX8 offers wider coverage. When compared to other models, MX8 covers more floor area. Yet, it doesn’t need to work longer. The cleaner is designed to remove debris faster than ever before.

  1. Easy Installation

A major problem faced by novice users is “Installation”. Before you start using the pool cleaner, you must assemble it. Fortunately, this suction side cleaner is easy to assemble. In just a few steps your MX8 will be ready for action.

The Zodiac MX8 features a twist locking hose that needs to be connected to your pool’s filter. This takes few minutes to set up. The twist locking hose is carefully sealed. And, the hose is 39 feet long. It is sufficient to cover a huge swimming pool.

  1. Separate Modes

Finally, the MX8 features different cleaning modes. Small debris mode is a part of factory settings. It handles stones, sand, and dirt. On the other hand, the large debris mode handles bigger things like leaves and twigs.


Zodiac MX8 meets and exceed expectations. It sticks to high standards and is truly a satisfying pool cleaner. It is designed with high operational abilities. MX8 doesn’t consume too much energy and it exerts minimal strain. What more could you expect from a pool cleaner?

If you are planning to invest in a pool cleaner, Zodiac MX8 is what you need. It helps with regular pool maintenance. But remember, the Zodiac MX8 should be stored safely. It must not be exposed to direct sunlight. Also, it must be cleaned, packed and stored away in a dry place. If possible detach the hose and store it flat. This will increase the durability and efficiency of your pool cleaner.

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